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Once you've invested in high-quality printouts and copies, you don't want to just leave them in the box. Let us help you put the final touch on your project with our range of finishing services.

Here are some ways which can help you plus-up your presentation and create maximum impact:

  • Mounting - Foam board adds stability and durability to artwork, portfolio pieces, posters and presentations
  • Laminating - Protect and preserve important documents with a professional, spill-proof matte or glossy finish
  • Binding - Keep documents and presentation materials together for better organization, a smoother read and a more polished presentation. Select from a variety of binding options

  • Collating - Organize complex documents and large projects
  • Cutting - Cut your documents to a variety of sizes, from half-size to quarter-page
  • Drilling - Drill holes into stacks of paper for binding and storage purposes
  • Folding - Use machine folds to give 2-sided projects a crisp presentation. Options include half-folds, tri-folds and Z-folds
  • Padding - Turn your paper into easy-to-use notepads
  • Stapling - Hold together loose papers for greater portability

Don't know what your project needs? Ask a team member what options work best for you. You'll be amazed at what a proper finish can do for your presentation, and quite possibly your career.

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